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Curriculum Support Programs

The following programs can be done virtually or in-person in a classroom setting or in a small group setting. Please reach out and let us know what would help you serve students, teachers, counselors or parents based on what they need most right now. To schedule or to ask questions please reach out to Allison Kupka.

Pre-school or early elementary

HALO: HALO stands for ‘Healthy Alternatives for Little Ones.’ It is a curriculum designed for children aged 3-6 that helps them practice healthy behaviors and decision making. HALO is a series of 10-12 lessons that help children build positive self-concepts, increase self-confidence, identify and share feelings, learn facts about healthy and harmful choices, and learn ways to reduce stress. HALO uses fun songs and visuals to teach the kids both in person and virtual!

Students in grades 1-12

Curriculum-Based Support Group: This curriculum  could be in a small group setting or general classroom. The Curriculum-Based Support Group (CBSG®) Program is an effective antidote designed to increase resilience in children and youth who experience adversity, trauma and toxic stress through the development of healthy social, emotional and coping skills in a caring support group setting. Topics for lessons include anger management, friendship, dreams, goal-setting, making healthy decisions,  resisting peer pressure and others. This is set-up to be 10 lessons.

Small Groups

Small groups can be offered for a group of students who is considered to be at-risk for using substances. Topics for these groups can include substance specific information (vaping, marijuana, underage alcohol use, etc.) and also life skills (decision making, communication, resiliency, etc.). These groups can range from 1-6 sessions.

Other trainings

We can also offer trainings for parents, caregivers and teachers that include current drug trends, social host laws and promotion of the Your Life Iowa website.

We look forward to partnering with you to offer these programs. We have limited availability so please contact us for scheduling as soon as you can so that we can meet your district’s needs.