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Our School

Parking, Pick-Up, Drop-Off

  1. All students will be allowed to enter the building at 7:30 .  Students will be supervised in the gym from 7:30-7:40 and will be released to class at 7:40. Students will be lined up by grade level and class.  Students must wear masks at all times while in the gym.  We have developed a protocol to allow K-2 students and 3-5 students to use different hallways while walking to class in the morning.
  2. All students will use the main front doors and the doors by the gym to enter the building.  We will no longer be providing supervision at the “additional” doors we have been using since the beginning of school.  Students should NOT be dropped off in any other area besides the front parking lot.  Bus students will still enter the building through the back bus doors.
  3. Our parking lot is designed to have one way in and one way out.  Please do NOT enter the parking lot through the exit.  This creates a danger for our students and parents.